Pattern making: when artisanal shoemaking starts from design

The will to create superior quality products that celebrate the great Italian
manufacturing is the reason why Aurora di Specchia was established
with an internal pattern making department, i.e. the possibility to develop
and build one’s prototypes from scratch, starting from sketches, designs
and projects developed by the stylist. Making a shoe truly artisanal is not
just a matter of the process with which it is made, but it is the
uniqueness that makes it stand out.

Therefore, as happens in other industries like the automotive one, these
prototypes are modified multiple times and perfected before the actual
production has even started. This passage is fundamental, because it
makes the design team’s idea concrete, giving the brand’s style a form
that is both visible and tangible. With an internal pattern making
department, the shoe factory creates a direct channel with the customer,
thus granting a high degree of flexibility and personalization.

The artisanal shoe factory Aurora di Specchia is equipped for all these
steps of the manufacturing process, from the sketch to the final product.
Customer and craftsmen can follow each step together, ensuring the
shoe’s high quality on every aspect.

With this kind of organization, even the more peculiar shoes can be
made according to the requested features. The shoe factory precisely
offers the possibility to create prototypes, assess their critical issues and
modify them until getting a product that lives up to the highest standards
of manufacturing and the personalization needs of the customer.

Thanks to the union between craftsmen, pattern makers and designers,
the Aurora di Specchia shoe factory manages to combine historic
techniques with the most recent innovations. This also allows to
experiment with the use of new materials, which today is the key factor
of high quality footwear manufacturing.