About us

Shoe manufacturer Aurora di Specchia Srl carries out the production of men’s and women’s footwear on behalf of third parties. Located in Puglia, historic shoemaking hub, the company takes pride in its extensive and stable collaboration with renowned Italian and international brands.


Our strength lies in the high quality of our products, refined in every detail, through rigorously Made in Italy artisanal production.

Specializing in leather processing, shoe manufacturer Aurora di Specchia is equipped to provide cutting, hemming, and construction, with a vast range of techniques, among which: slip lasting, “montato”, box sole stitching and Blake.

The techniques

Slip lasting

In this elaborate technique a single piece of leather is modeled around a last and hand processed by expert artisans. Through this, it is possible to obtain extremely comfortable shoes with a recognizable seamless design, typical of moccasins.

Box sole stitching

It is applied to footwear whose bottom stock has projecting edges, to which the upper is joined through the use of a specific machine. For the most part, it is employed with sneakers, but it can be applied to dress shoes as well.


It gets its name from the inventor of the machine with which, to this day, the construction of many types of footwear is executed. Developed in the USA in 1958 by Lyman Reed Blake in order to automate the process of fixing the upper to the sole, this technique gained popularity especially among Italian artisans, who specialized in its many variants.